Thursday, February 23, 2006

Restaurant Review: New England Soup Company

There is a new restaurant in the Victor Apartments, The New England Soup Company, right next to Subway. I was in a group of seven people that ate there today. We went in through the ramp right off Front and Market Sts. There were about 12 soups available, as well as a number of sandwiches and salads. Everyone in the group had something different and everyone liked what they had. I had the Italian beef stew and they had not skimped on the beef, or the onions, mushrooms and carrots. It was a very filling soup. The hamlet sandwich has about 4 slices of ham rolled in a bun, with greens, cheese, and a delicate but flavorful apricot dressing. A soup and sandwich is $7.00, a reasonable price and the portions weren't huge but certainly enough for a very good lunch. I had a cookie also (no sacrifice too great to provide a complete overview). It was a little too large but definitely passable. There is seating for about 24 and by the time we left all the seats were in use. While the food was good and the prices reasonable, I was most impressed with the manager(?) walking through the seating area asking if anyone needed or wanted anything. That is very unusual in a restaurant of this kind. It was a very pleasant place to eat and I plan to go back. Carryout is also available.

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